Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello folks ! So good to see you. Happy Fall harvest pumpkin season. Vegetables this time of year are nice, healthy, warming food for the soul and body. Roasted is my favorite that are simply delicious to my palate. Having time to kill, I am continually trying new recipes from Pinterest and the Food Network. Cooking is my passion for the moment, in between creating and working on digital art projects. I'm no cook, although my alter ego is named "Cooky." Some of my ideas turn out alright and others are not so good. Here are a few mentionables.

First, I made a dump cake from a recipe on Pin. It was something I wanted to try but never had. Yuck ! It was the worse tasting stuff ever. I re-read the recipes and looked at dozens of pictures. Yep, I had made it and it looked like the pictures. Although, I had been sceptical about spreading dry cake mix on pineapple covered with bananas (a deviation from the original recipe) to say the least of my problems with the recipe. Second, I didn't like the mushy texture, nor the harsh flavor.

Subseqently, with a whole cake pan full of this stuff, I had to do something to save it, if possible. Luckily, I found another recipe on Pin for Cinnamon Bread Bread Pudding offered by a lovely young lady, and was able to reconstitute the entire dump cake mess into something very delicious. It turned out to be a delightful, pleasant tasting banana-pineapple-coconut bread pudding. Whew ! Another cooking disaster saved at the last minute.

Second, a previous failure had been trying to make cinnamin rolls from cresant rolls. It was a disaster because the butter, sugar and cinnamin didn't combine very well on those small scraps, that stuck together of cresant dough. So the leftovers went into the above mentioned bread pudding. That worked out nicely. Another previous food recipe success was the squash pie made from acorn squash. Now, that was very successful and delicious.

Third and fourth were successful craft and painting ideas. I made the coffee-filter flowers that turned out beautifully. Luckly, my daughter had done it before and she dipped each flower tip gently into food colors. My hubby then attached them to skewers and pushed them into a small pumpkin for a really AWEsome display. This lead to my painting with the left over food colors. See the results for yourself. I kinda like them. Well, tc and keep the faith. Your friend, Cooky.