Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hurray For A New School Year - Sep 2012

Day After Labor Day - September 4, 2012

Yes, it is finally here! Hurray, the first school day has arrived. After a long, hot summer filled with fun and folly, it is the first day of school for my grandkids and other children around here in suburban Virginia. Parents are so excited, that they are about to burst with joy that the little buggers will finally have enough to do to keep them occupied for another school year. As if, all the stuff that summer offers them in the way of intertainment, topped off in between with new games on the x-box, only kept their energetic, little bodies and minds just barely partially satisfied.
Most grade levels are represented among my grands including high school, middle school and elementary. No kindergarten this year thank goodness..we've had quite enough of that grade. I keep remembering the book that came out quite a few years ago: "All I Needed To Know, I Learned In Kindergarten." Its so true for me anyways. Of course, its been quite a few classes and life lessons in between Kindergarten and senior citizenship for me as is probably true for most folks.
My granddaughter, aged 17, spent two months of paychecks on new clothes last week. Wow what a shopping day that was. She looks as pretty and fresh as new rose blooming in the spring. It's her last year of school then off to college after graduation ceremony. Community college that is - thank heavens she will still be with us at home for a few more years. To mature more of course and delight all of us with her beauty, charm with the toss of her hair and roll of her large dewy eyes as she listens to us talk about her.
Both my oldest grandson and other granddaughter are not unlike bobsey twins with different parents. Both are going into sixth grade,
middles schoolers now. They hormonal wrecks and starting to get what would appear to be a slight zit. Of course, me, their nana, had to lecture them about keeping the face clean and watching how much greasy and sweet items they consume.
Then there is the other two, ages 10 and 7. My last granddaughter and grandson. Going into second and third grades respectfully. Both my son and youngest daughter's kids. They haven't hit that hormonal stage yet to my relief.
These last two are so smart it's scary. They have learned everything the older ones know and then some. They can't wait to catch up to their older siblings. Right now competing with them is essential they seem to think. Oh my, what they don't try to emulate, they sure attempt to challenge the older siblings in order to be better than the other. Well, I guess thats how they learn from each other. That characteristic of siblings goes back to neanderthal days, or at least back to my great-grandmother's stories of her youth involving competitions with her siblings, especially with her brothers whom she felt she was smart as, if not smarter than.
All the kids are growing like weeds inch by inch almost daily it seems. Watching them develop and grow has been pure pleasure for me. Just so glad that God has allowed me stick around this long so as to be able to watch them all start to mature. God made us just above the animals and just below the angels. Seems like kids might have been made with the future of the world in mind.
Maybe, I will do up a new recipe I found in pinterest or food network to honor this special occasion. It will be a surprise treat for when the kids get home from school on this their first day of school September 2012.