Monday, April 23, 2012

Who Will Get Elected & Does It Matter?

Happy April 2012 - Whats New On Virginia's Political Horizon & News? Personally speaking, the race for the next president is ongoing to say the least. However, upsurping that concern is an issue thats hotter than a just-cooked griddle cake! The secret service scandal with prostitutes. Boys will be boys, I say. Come on folks, that stuff in the carribean has been going on for many years. The boys just got caught this time. Should they be making all the fuss over this human flaw...? I feel it should be downplayed like most other grossly overrated news report. It's best not to listen to the news now days, or read the newspaper. Because, so much crime, killing and negative stuff is always going on. It's non-stop negative news and we must listen to it, or read about it, even those about foreign countries....blah...must be something good out there. In my opinion, this year's politics is for the birds to us old people anyways. As we stand to lose no matter what party takes over the country's government. I've been told, everyone has to vote to make a difference. But do you think just voting can make a difference in the long run? If so, then it's all we got and I am for it one hundred percent. Keep The Faith Your friend Cooky :)