Friday, March 24, 2017

Health Issues In March - Spring 2017

This a good but limited chart that,  I use sometimes for my Warfarin diet -  High Vitamin K is a no-no if you are taking Warfarin for blood clots. 
Sinus problem abound for all who live in Virginia it seems.  Pollen and weather, pets and food present allergy problems constantly.

I got the flu this year and, it landed me in
the hospital.  Worse flu I have ever
experienced.  Very painful to the lungs and body.
It's symptoms and cough lingers for weeks to months sometimes. Highly contagious.

Arthritis is another health issue affecting joints all over one's body. Deteriorating knees and joints post a major obstacle in mobility for me.

Fibro Myalgia is always present in the shoulders and back muscles.

 Dry Skin issues are constant in the dry winter weather.  Sunburn post a grave danger, if you are on blood pressure medications during the sunshine days. Seborrhea is a problem on the scalp and other areas.  Yeast infections and cysts are also painful items one must endure at times. 

If I have forgotten anything, please let me know.  lol