Tuesday, August 30, 2016

September 2016 - Life Changes

Many folks are sad to see summer ending and autumn begin when September rolls around.   School starts  and once again we will hear the clunky buses rumbling through the neighbors and along the roads transporting excited children to their local schools.    Cooler temperatures are a blessing, along with the leaves starting to turn with hues of yellow and brown that catches the eye when looking out at the landscapes.

Summer went by very quickly this year it seems.  The temperatures were higher than ever - reaching 110 plus for weeks on end.  The air was heavy with the heat making it hard for some of us to breathe outside.  Insects such as ticks, aphids, spiders, wasps and other bugs were not as bothersome this year.  Probably because of  all the insecticide we had to spray last year.  Beautiful morning glories and plants growing bigger and better than ever in the shade of our small deck.   Not many blooms on the morning glories, however, the leaves are greener and bigger than ever.  My few rose bushes bloomed smaller this year.  The heat burned the delicate petals quickly along with the grasses and weeds. Traffic is worse and noisier than ever.  It is as if someone turned up the volume outside during the daytime.  At night, the cicadas are loud as ever, along with the frogs and insects.  Flies are trying to come inside and are a menace.  That is a sure sign of cooler weather coming.

Life cycles of all things are coming to an end.  Hopefully, they will have spread their seeds far and wide for regeneration of the species next spring. The same for all life forms, especially, human beings.  Humans seem to me to be the most vulnerable of beings during their life cycles.  One gets older more noticeably, when the movie stars they once watched as a child began dying off one by one, such as Gene Wilder, our Willy Wonka.  Soon we older folks will follow him to heaven. 
Think on the brighter side of life.  Football and its constant ramble of yadda has started.  I hate to see baseball and golf stop its reporting. Before you know it, basketball and hockey will be everywhere.

Keep the faith.
Your Friend, Cooky.