Saturday, September 5, 2015

Writing and Painting Inside - Forget it !

This author finds that with the advent of summer and its warmer weather, the nesting habits of birds and natures' radiance is much more conducive to being outside than typing on a computer inside.
As I lazily daydream through a recently cleaned and sparking windowpane at the lovely trees and flowers, butterflies and other flying creatures fluttering about, no thoughts of yesteryear come to mind. Writing another book seems a waste of time when one could be outside enjoying the sunshine. Or is that just an excuse not to write?

I have yet to find a publisher for my first, but definitely not my last, book. A publisher recently told me that it was a myth regarding someone else picking up the tab for printing and distribution of books even those from best seller writers of today. I believe him now, although I did not at first. Nothing is free in this life and that goes for publishing and printing a book it seems. It is discouraging of course to a would-be writer, because lack of funds should not stop one from being published and heard or recognized for one's writing abilities. However, I know I will find away around this ghastly problem eventually and will not stay discouraged.

Am I dreaming to think that everything on my message board will come true? Getting my book published, printed and out there for the world to enjoy as it conveys my philosophy on my life's issues are on the board big time, up there right along with money and good health as a primary goals in my life.

I have hear that everyone needs at least ten minutes of sunshine daily to get nourishment from the sun's rays. Therefore, as my neighbor tells me to do, I will get out there and sit a spell in the sunshine to soak up its warmth and feel better about myself and the economy can go to the devil.
God Bless and Keep You All
Your friend, Cooky