Sunday, September 6, 2015

September Glories 2015

It is a hazy, September morning, as the sun rises higher over the tree tops, slowly engulfing all that is left of the summer of 2015's morning glory flowers.  They grow along the rail of my small deck looking so beautiful during mid-summer, autumn and fall.  I love peering at the blue flowers from my window and out my front door.  They have a calming effect as they brighten the deck.

I am glad to be alive to see them blooming another year, because my health has been poor this year.  I sit in my wheelchair by the propped-open storm door, watching my dear hubby, as he takes the last few pictures of the them.  Actually, most of the pictures turned out blurry when downloaded to my computer.   I didn't have the heart to pull him away from his Sunday paper to ask him to redo them.  He tries so hard.  I told him they were good enough, when he asked how they turned out.  I am lucky to even be alive and able to enjoy the lovely flowers this year because of bad health.

The end of the 2015 season is upon us.  The kids will start school the day after labor day around here. With the change in the weather, 60 degrees today, these lovely morning flowers won't be around much longer.  They have already begun to turn brown and have small holes in the leaves from bug bites.  No matter how much you spray, the bugs always seem to get to the leaves.  Very soon after the sun rises higher in the sky, the flowers close tight against the hot rays and do not open again until the next morning. When winter arrives, the flowers will have turned to seed pods sitting on gnarled, brown vines.  If we leave them alone and don't cut them down, the seeds will fall to the earth below and come up, in full bloom, next summer.  However, since the empty vines look so dismal,  cutting them down seems to be the appropriate action, along with fall pruning of my two lovely rose bushes.   However, some of the seeds will make the fall-to-earth around the outside of my deck and endure the winter, to become lovely flowers enjoyed next year.

Everyone should get outside and enjoy those beautiful  gypsy colors of orange, red, and gold, that will soon be falling from the trees.  Take care, always, your friend, Cooky :).