Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Recipes: Success And Failures

14.  2014  Holiday Recipes:  The Christmas Holidays get my creative baking and cooking juices churning with mouth-watering results in most cases of collected recipes. My husband and I do enjoy trying out a few Pinterest recipes now and then, if we have time and patience between naps. We wouldn't want to be chefs for a living. Its too much work ! to say the least of the expense no matter how careful we try to be in cutting cost and calories.

However, sometimes utter failure occurs because of my lack of patience or skill in cooking, take your pick. LOL Its All good and it is what it is ! Hey, there is always room for improvement in our home. For instance, last week, too much baking soda in my Irish cookies made the first batch too flat and brittle. The mint taste was overwhelming, otherwise they were fairly good. In my opinion, anything baked or made with salt-free butter is delicious to me whether its a success or failure.

My apple-peach jelly/preserves did not gell - remaining a liquid after it was canned in cute little jars. I will have to use them all myself; or gift them as syrup. My family will eat anything usually, especially, if its sweet. However, I'm not sure about some of our neighbors for whom the jars were slated for gifts. I believe I didn't use enough pectin, or something...oh well, I tried. LOL I'm sure I didn't measure properly because I was losing patience by the time, I finished cleaning and sterilizing the jars and cooking the filling.

Some successes Include: Chocolate Chip Cookies...Fudge... apple cider pumpkin butter bread...french toast casserole...sugared nuts...Irish Mint Cookies...Neinima Bars...pumpkin pie/apple pie...soups by Bear Creek...fruitcake...molasis cookies...salmon cakes...turkey... and
lazagna w/spinach. Did I tell you the sweets went straight to the freezer to await Chistmas Eve?
I can't wait to try another recipe - not sure what it will be, however, we will keep trying.

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years 2014.