Friday, September 27, 2013

Winter Television Coming Up

We have a lovely stay-indoors weekend ahead for those of us that are homebound for whatever reasons. Whatever the weather we can always enjoy television. Shows on every subject from around the world. There will be lots of new movies on television and of course, sports of every kind. Even with the prospect of a government furlough and the president's new health care plan looming in our further starting next Tuesday, it will probably be a good few days of peace and quiet this weekend, especially, if we leave the television off for a few hours a day.
Unfortunately, the Nationals Baseball team, our favorites, have finished for the year. We followed them faithfully every night they played. We got to recognize and know each Nats player by name, personality, hits and family as they intertained us all summer. They did not make the play offs losing big time to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals pitcher was a jolly giant standing six foot seven inches tall, who towered over the pitcher's mound. No one on the Nats team could hit against him. If Nats did get a hit, it was quickly made into an out in the field or on the bases by that prevailing team. Mostly Nats defeated them selves when a base hit occure, the next couple of batters always struck out. We felt devistated as our team floundered and lost on the field, although they did play their hearts out. We were elated at their wins and astonished when players were sent back and forth from the AA Teams to recuperate or something. The Cardinals were that good for sure and they will probably end of the final champs. Perhaps that is why the last few Nats games are not being televised. We truly enjoyed the soothing voices of the two commentators' that were at every Nationals game. So relaxing and enjoyable were the games while being narrated by those two. They became our friendly announcers who made the three hours pass so pleasantly and quickly. The organ music and the puppet races were so great. Even the hot dogs made you drool. We will miss them all. Wish those two guys could narrate the football games. What a difference that would make for us.
Seems like the narrators for football games are all loud, bolstrous, super-excited and talk way to much trying to drum up interest in the game perhaps.. Since Madden is not announcing football games anymore, things just don't seem the same. In fact, the current narrators of football games get on my nerves terribly. Of course, our complaints depend on which ones are narrating at what games. They switch back and forth constantly. You would think that someone would tell them to pipe down and let viewers just enjoy the game without them shouting loudly and rapidly about every move that every player makes. They go even further to discuss which colleges, who their coachs were and alot more yadda, yackity yack crammed into each play that sounds a lot like hearing pollution to my ears.
Golf, tennis, fishing are winding down after a nice summer season of players both young and old strutting their stuff. I remember when some golf players were just starting out young and fresh, so eager to beat Tiger Woods. Now they have gray hair and walk a lot slower. Beating Tiger is not an option anymore, as Tiger is busy beating himself on the greens and in the tournaments.
Oh, well, onwards we go into winter sports and other winter television shows. By the end of winter we will be left hanging and have to wait until September to glimpse our favorite shows once again. Sometimes I smile and think to myself, "Life is good." Keep the faith.