Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter March 31, 2013

Easter March 31, 2013:  Easter is not such a good name for this wonderful religious rejuvenation and celebration of Jesus' return from the dead.  Perhaps, the name could be changed to something else.  For instance, carpe deim. Meaning, seize the day, in Greek I think but am not sure.  Perhaps, Easter could be called: Celebration Day or something like that. Of course, what's in a name?
Someone, actually a minister, once said to his Easter Day congregation: "The word Easter supposedly is derived from the word Estess - quite a pagan name, if truth be told. Further, that he could never celebrate such a named holiday."  Later, after preaching a downer sermon,  he left the pulpit early leaving the crowd kind of in a stunned silence.  The crowd was silent as they left the pews and exited the church.  They had not received the uplifting speech they had expected.  Most appeared saddened as they quietly whispered ado to others as they exited the church.
  Give me a break folks ! Easter is not about the name, but about the resurrection of God's only son, and what that event means to all the world.  Just catch a glimpse of the new mini series "The Bible", that airs on Sunday nights through the end of March, if you want a great reminder of who and what Jesus, God and Christianity are all about.

 I will never forget that day because, now it always makes me remember the negative association, that minister had in his speech. The earth's passage into the spring season, should and does for me, brings a renewed sense of hope and faith in God's plan for the earth and its people. Shouldn't Easter Holiday be based on love, Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus and a renewed sense of hope for people of all faiths?  The answer is yes for sure.   Keep the faith