Monday, February 25, 2013

Angels - I Wish I could Paint One

Angels - I Wish I could Paint One:    I truly believe in angels. My daughter says she has an angel named, Sara, who takes her to visit with her grandmother in dreams. My daughter tells me that Sara pops up in her dreams often. In addition, there could be are all kinds and types of angels. Some angels give us blessings and make us feel good. For instance, my sister, Terry, is like an angel; and she has been a blessing to me all these years as only a sister can. I would hope, that just maybe, everyone quite possibly has a guardian angel watching over them. Perhaps, its just our spiritual conscience speaking to us in times of need that make us wish we had an angel sitting on our shoulder. Especially, when we have a need for a higher understanding of what is happening to and around us. Call it fate, magic or God, I'm not sure what, or if it really happens, that angels do visit us here on earth. For example - think about all the times one has just barely missed a car, or some other unforseeable disaster, that could have taken our lives in an instant. Thank goodness, fate or angels were with us.

Several times, I have been delayed before going out in the car to the store or wherever. Often that delay saved me and my hubby's life. My guardian angel, she or He knew exactly how to delay us inorder to keep us safe. It happened again to me. Once while visiting my daughter, my eyeglass lense popped out when sitting on her deck. The pin fell between the deck boards to the ground below. It took at least five minutes to find it. Coupled with the few minutes it took my husband to repair my glasses before we got in the car and headed down the road helped us probably avoid a bad car accident that had happened seconds earlier as we arrived at the scene. If we had been a few minutes earlier, it could have spelled disaster for us. Coincidences like those I talked about earlier happens way often to me. So I can't just chalk it up to fate or luck. Call me crazy or what, I believe that Angels are real.

Perhaps, they are sweet, caring and all-seeing spirits sent by God to keep an eye on us. Who knows? My husband, daughters and grand children are angels in a difference respect, but angelic none-the-less. I often think, how would I have gotten along in my senior years without the love and support of my family, who are definitely my angels. Keep the faith. Your friend. Cooky :)