Monday, November 26, 2012

Surviving The Holidays - Nov - Dec 2012

Thanksgiving is over. Hurray ! :) and Thank Goodness. Subsequently, time is going faster every day as its zooming towards Christmas.

Black friday was so ugly. Thats the only word I can find at this moment to describe it. I didn't get out into the shopping frenzy thus avoided getting trambled and pushed. However, a few of my family members did. They felt the lure of sales by these big companies way to unresistable. Yes, they saved quite alot of money on many, many items. I still wonder, if what they went through was worth the savings.

First, they were backing out of parking space and almost got creamed by angry, frenzied shoppers wanting their parking spot. Second, they were accosted by another man and his son to the point of almost getting into a fist fight over another parking space. Thirdly, they weren't close enough to the door in the long lines at the department stores to be eligible for any kind of tickets that were passed out for the item sales. They surely endured long lines, very tense,angry shoppers and store patrons; not to mention the poor workers trying to appease the crowds.

Well, I was young once. So been there, done that ! lol. However, any kind of advice an old person gives to a younger person is perceived as "aggressive" behavior so I have been told. Any you know? Whoever said that is soooo right!
Ooh well, the young ones have to learn the hard way - by experiencing the madness
first hand or they will feel like they are missing out on something big.

Who cares, I'm inside, calm and comfortable watching all the action on the television. Thank goodness, I do not have to do it all over again... Keep the Faith. Your friend, Cooky :)